Monday, December 27, 2010

The Pretend Home Remodel

So I've developed a severe fetish for Etsy. I mean, the kind where you seriously wonder if you should get medicated for it.

And so, since I obviously have nothing better to do, I am pretend redecorating my life with Etsy. Would you like to see the pictures? I know you would.

I love this Barnwood table. It's not so rustic that Jordan wouldn't eat on it, but enough to still give me something of that shabby chic look that I crave but can't really accomplish

I would use these all the time. Are they not the most precious things you've ever seen? Don't you think they belong on every teacher's wall?

I don't really need coasters because I don't have a coffee table. But when I do have a coffee table, these coasters are going to protect it.

I have way too much jewelry for my own good, I think, and my grandma just got me a beautiful jewelry box, but I just can't resist wanting this. It's really unique.

Right now my comforter is a straight black number from Target. It cost me about $40. I would really love to have something a little nicer. And this screams, "Really nice hotel" to me. I love nice hotels.

I think that this fits the theme of my life really well right now. I don't know if I would always love this picture, though. Which makes it not completely worth the $250. But it's still pretty.

This would match our couch right now, as is. I am seriously thinking birthday.

This phone? Would go in my office. When I have one.

I can't really decide where this plaque goes. It seems kind of awkward in the bathroom, but that was my first thought.

I am really really not a pink girl, but this picture is just so beautiful. I love everything about it, from the roses that are just about leaning out of the picture at me to the vase that is so blurry that you can barely see it. It's so artistic.

How adorable.

My mom used to sing me this song when I was little. I would love to frame this postcard and put it above my bed.

I WILL get this when i get my Macbook Pro. Which will be soon...ish.


  1. My mom sang that to me too! And she bought me a plaque that says that also. It's freaky how alike our moms are. <3

  2. Etsy is the gateway drug. (p.s. I could teach you how to get some of those looks on the cheap)

  3. @ Tia- I know, right?

    @ Courtney- Um... yes please?