Monday, December 20, 2010

Marriage, the Orchard, and the Favorite

December is such a great month to be married. I finished my Christmas cards tonight (too late to get them to people by Christmas, but it's the thought that counts). Jordan was sitting at his keyboard playing and singing and, every once in a while, conducting. It was great. It was basically everything that I imagined when I knew I would be marrying Jordan Cox.

I also finished the book "Tending the Orchard" tonight. Mark Shell, my pastor from Orchardville Community Church, wrote it as a how-to/memoir on how a church in a community of 100 people started running attendances of right around 600 on Sunday mornings. It really is amazing. I remember attending that church when there were somewhere between 50 and 100 people.

I think Mark hits it on the head when he talks about the people in that church being the reason that it prospers. It's impossible for a church to grow if the congregation doesn't serve. Partially because if the congregation isn't serving then it isn't growing spiritually. There was never a shortage on volunteers there, ever.

And there was a tiny shout-out to The Living Christmas Tree, the Christmas program that my mom started when we went there. It was very nostalgic and made me so proud of my mom. Creative woman, that one.

I also read the play "God's Favorite" by Neil Simon tonight. Definitely on the top ten list of plays I will direct soon.

I started "Little Women" tonight. I'm going to try to get through it quickly, at least by the end of this week.

Day: 36
Books to Read: 92

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