Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Goal Fail!

So... I got absolutely nothing on my goal list accomplished. I was pretty much consumed with reading Twilight. I'm still not done. I'm on page 512 of "Breaking Dawn," though, so I am oh-so-close to being finished with the Edward and Bella "lurve" nonsense.

Seriously. How much they love each other gives me a headache.

In any case, I will finish this book tomorrow (probably), and then have to pick up something a little less... time consuming. I'd like to read two or three short books (maybe a play or two) to lead me into Christmas. Because next week I'm reading "Little Women." It's not on my list because I've already read it multiple times, but I've been wanting to sit down with it again and Christmas week is an absolute perfect week for this book.

I have got to get these Christmas cards done tomorrow. And read this book. So tomorrow looks like this for me (I think):
1. Finish "Breaking Dawn"
2. Finish Christmas cards
3. Deliver Pampered Chef
4. Answer my neglected emails
5. Send out a reminder to my Pampered Chef hostesses
6. Actually write a coherent blog about the Twilight saga

I think that that is do-able for tomorrow. If I have more time, I may or may not start on another book. A really really short book. No more of this 700 page nonsense...for now.

Side bar: This marks exactly one month since I started this crazy plan. I'm only a couple books behind schedule and I have to give myself a little slack because I hadn't read in so long. It was just a matter of getting back in the swing of things. This week should put me right where I need to be.

Day: 30
Books to Read: 95

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