Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo Dump

He started to figure out how to put his feet together and that was our new favorite thing for about a month and a half. It was adorable.

This is right before his four month check up. I had been fighting with him about tummy time since birth. He just laid face down and screamed. And then, one day, this happened. So much joy for me!

This was the saddest and most uncomfortable thing I have ever seen. And so, of course, I took a picture.

At his four month well child visit he decided he would roll over. Probably to save mommy from having to explain his severe lack of tummy time. What a good kid.

First time eating solids. He looks a lot happier here than he ended up being at the end. He was not please with me or the bumbo chair.

This picture is hilarious. He fell asleep with his bottle half in his mouth and half naked. He looks like a total drunk.

This is the Roberts family. There are nine kiddos altogether, but here are six of them. They were watching Noah and took him out for a family jam session in the driveway. They are all so adorable. Definitely one of my favorite families of all time.

My very first Mother's Day. We almost forgot to take this picture. That would have been a shame, because I love it a lot.

This is simply hilarious. That's the only reason it's here.

Jordan's last day at Jackson High School. New adventures beginning at Cape in August!

This was Grammy's last day of school ever! She retired at the end of this year. This isn't Grammy pictured, but it is another wonderful lady from the school. We surprised her with balloons and party hats and noise makers. I will tell you one thing: The next time someone tells me that teachers have it easy or get paid too much, I'm going to set their hair on fire. Then they will understand how teachers feel every day.

This is our friend, Tim. He and his wife, Ashley (who was in my wedding) live in KC and were in St. Louis for a wedding so we met up with them for lunch and a science center date. This is Tim feeding Noah to the robotic T-Rex.

The same visit we got to meet sweet baby Addy and Noah and she hit it off immediately. I love his face. He's a boss.

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for our two-year anniversary. Noah wanted to help me pick out a cheesecake. He is deep in thought.

And then he wanted to help me eat the cheesecake. Immediately following this picture he burst into tears because he couldn't have any.

5 month picture! He is way too big.

This is our first outing to the pool. Grammy got him the turtle vest... but it was obviously very awkward. So we ended up taking it off and just holding him.

After swimming!

May 29th- Our actual two year anniversary. We had really good conversation that night. I miss that sometimes!

Look at those eyes! Do you see them? Do you??

Too cute for words.

This was at our good good friend Nathaniel's wedding. Jordan was a groomsman and, can I just say, he was looking mighty fine in his tuxedo? Even if he is making a duck face.

Love the sanctuary. It is so classy.

This is the beautiful bride. I love her face. They were so excited to see one another. I don't know if I have ever been to a more perfect wedding in terms of romance.

Candy bar at the reception. I may have eaten a whole cup of gummy bears. The bears on the edge are hugging. Don't judge the gummy bears.


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