Monday, June 11, 2012

What's Next

I was going to do a cop out post that was just full of little fun motherhood facts. But we had a fun day today and I decided to talk about that instead.
I did level 2 for the second time today and my elbow is killing me. If there is anyone out there who knows how I might remedy that, I would surely appreciate it. If I wasn't on a tight schedule, I would quit the DVD for a few days to heal, but I leave for Florida almost as soon as I'm done with this workout and, also, I've made a commitment to myself that I will not skip a day. Because, usually, when I skip a day I'm done for good.
I'm getting more and more motivated because I'm watching people join this journey with me. My husband even tried it tonight. I told him he didn't have to keep doing it, but I just wanted the respect I deserved. He said, "Oh. Oh I respect you." I love him.
I finished up my academic vita today. It was so exciting to see everything I've done in that sort of format. I'm really looking forward to the fall and everything that will come with it. I will be teaching a course at MBU, taking classes at Fontbonne, substitute teaching, and teaching piano/voice lessons. It will be a busy year, to be sure, but it will all pay off in the end.
I've been trying to decide what my next fitness goals will be after the end of the 30 Day Shred. Part of my next segment of time will be in Florida, so it needs to be something relatively low-maintenance. I believe that I will start training with my couch to 5k app, but I don't want to lose my muscle definition. So, any ideas on an easy strength programs that run about 3-4 days a week would be appreciated. I wanted to try P90X next, but I really miss running and since I get such bad shin splints, I can't do that kind of intense workout and run at the same time. In the next 3 years I want to work my way up to a marathon, and that will only happen if I start training in earnest very soon.

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