Monday, June 18, 2012

30 Days after Jillian

I feel like I'm constantly thinking of these awesome ideas for blogs and then they fly right out of my head when I sit down to write. This is what we affectionately refer to as the "mommy-brain."

The Shred is... going. I'm not losing the way that I really wanted to and, yes, I understand that I'm gaining muscle, and, yes, I look more toned than ever before. But I've just got to tell you all that I'm feeling rather impatient. And really really tired of counting calories. Especially when I go over 1200 calories and I gain 4 pounds. Every. Freaking. Time.

Jordan basically thinks that I should toss the scale in the trash can, but I really can't. If it weren't for weighing myself I wouldn't understand that what I'm eating really makes a difference. Yes, it also makes a difference in how I feel, but sometimes how I feel is directly related to what I weigh. As in, I feel much healthier and fitter now that I'm 148 instead of 160.

I planned out my next 30 days of working out (actually, I've planned out the next year, but we'll just take it as it comes). It looks a little something like this:

  • 5k training. I'm getting back into running with a vengeance. If I could have my way in a perfect world, next July I will be running a marathon. My running training will be continuous, so you will be seeing this (or 10k training or half training, etc.) for the next year or so.
  • 300/30 Ab Challenge. I didn't want to just run and forget about everything that I've worked so hard for during the shred, so this is the new 30 day goal. The workout looks like this (25 reps of each move):
          • In-N-Outs
          • Bicycles
          • Reverse Bicycles
          • Crunchy Frog (I know, weird names)
          • Cross leg/Wide leg sit ups
          • Scissors
          • Hit butt ups
          • Heels to the heavens
          • Roll-up V-ups
          • Leg climbers
          • Kayakers
  • Tank Top Arms. I found this on Pinterest and it just seemed like a good way to keep from losing everything that I've worked for with the shred. I'm not incredibly hopeful that it will make my arms any more toned than what they already are, but maybe it'll keep them from shrinking.
          • 10 push-ups
          • 24 bicep burners
          • 15 shoulder presses
          • 10 push-ups
          • 15 tricep dips
          • 15 back rows
          • 15 lateral raises
          • 10 push-ups
          • 15 tricep kick backs with 20 tricep pull backs
What does all this mean? It means I will be putting a lot more time than 30 minutes into my work out. It will probably run more like an hour now. I just have to keep telling myself that it's worth it. Especially running. I miss it and I really do love it. Now to just get down to business and do it!

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