Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pictures and Numbers

Breaking news: I am considering my mom arms officially gone! It makes me want to cry and jump for joy. But I have company over and Jillian's level 3 makes jumping very nearly impossible once I'm done.

In other news, we had 6 month pictures of Noah taken yesterday. Before Jordan's aunt got there to take them I have to admit that I had a minor (major) meltdown regarding pants. And I cried. A lot. But then I found my super special size 8 jeans that magically fit me (even though no other size 8 jeans fit) and all ways right and the pictures are going to be spectacular.

Noah totally face planted on our hardwood floor during the shoot yesterday. I suppose it would make me a bad mom if I admitted that I after I saw that he was ok, I laughed? And I continued to laugh a good portion of the time he was crying. Mostly because after a while he had no idea what he was crying about.

My favorite picture so far? This pretty candid.
I feel so much more healthy than I used to and I think that it shows. Extra motivation: being more energetic with my child.

I stopped counting calories the other day. I was realizing that my body just did not want to run on 1200 calories a day. Ever since I starting eating (correctly for the most part) when I'm hungry, I've had the motivation to start/finish my workouts and they don't seem like such a drag. Calorie counting has been a great exercise for me to learn what I'm putting into my body, but it's not something that I can (read: want to) maintain forever. If I did, I would develop a very unhealthy fixation on my eating. I also haven't stepped on the scale in a couple days. I'm going to work hard and try my best not to overeat (which is actually a struggle for me) and see what happens. I don't want to obsess over the scale. Will I check it? Yes. I do eventually want to be down to a certain weight. But if I look freaking awesome and I'm not at that weight? I'll deal.

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