Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday Goals-- You'll like this one. It has pictures

I did an ok job on my goals. I read four books of the Bible, finished one book, planned our budget, and read 200 pages of another book. I did not even touch the amazon/ebay goal. I think I need to sit down with my husband for that goal and we just didn't see each other enough to do that last week.

So, here are my goals for next week.

1. Loose 3 pounds
I love to run!

     I have started running again in earnest and I have discovered this WONDERFUL little apps that contain workouts to target different areas of my body and only take 5 to 10 minutes. So here is the rundown for this week:
    Monday: Run (done and done)
    Tuesday: Ab workout (also done)
    Wednesday: Run
    Thursday: Run
    Friday: Arms
    Saturday: Nike Trainer (this is a more hard-core version of all the other workouts. The last time I did it I was sore for a week)
    Sunday: Yoga (I think this will be the perfect end of a week/beginning of a new one)

     I am also discovering that once you start working out you automatically want to eat better. I have yet to start eating better in a major way, but I do automatically choose water or tea over soda in general and have started using way less sugar in my coffee in the morning.

2. Read Ezekiel, Hosea, Galatians, and the Psalms

    Ezekiel and the Psalms are pretty lengthy books, but I can get through Hosea and Galatians in a day or so. I would like to get through the Bible by mid March so that I can start going through it again more slowly. I am trying to read the Bible once a year with this year being the second year in a row. Then I will go back and start going through devotionals that Jordan and I have had for years but very rarely utilized. I am going to know this book.

3. Start advertising my lessons more aggressively.

    I'm not sure exactly what this will entail this week, but it will be a beginning of a lifestyle change. I have awesome business cards now, thanks to an awesome friend, and I'm starting to become more and more motivated to get this underway. If I can get a few more students this semester, that's more "extra" funds that I can put completely towards debt repayment. It's looking pretty good for my financial goals, people. I think we can do it.

4. Write Yanci and include a picture.

    I am going to write Yanci a really deliberate letter filled with as much love and concern as her three year old beautiful heart can handle. She is so freaking cute and awesome!

5. Be a better blogger

   I am fully aware that my blog lately has consisted of absolutely nothing but what I intend to do and don't quite finish. I really want that to change. When I started this, it was for moms who felt the way that I felt- that motherhood is really not what people make it out to be anymore. I will be going back to more of that, with added content on being a working mom and the challenges of completing the day to day. I also fully intend to include more pictures and I will be giving the blog a facelift in the near future. The current theme makes me think of blood. I will also be advertising a lot more on my facebook and twitter and trying to keep up with my online presence a little better.

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