Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Monday" Goals? and Yearly Goals update

Crap. This just keeps getting later and later.

My friend from England was with me the last couple days, so I'm going to cut myself some slack.

    1. Finish the Bible and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"

        Nope. But I did read about six books of the Bible. Which is pretty awesome anyway. I think I'm underestimating how long the Bible takes to read.

    2. 100 freaking fitness minutes

        I got 60 done this week. I'm not ashamed of that. Better than last week.

    3. Catch up on work

        I caught up on all the calls I needed to make for my dad and I bought the piano books I needed. I still need to type out my lesson stuff. Getting prepared is good!

    4. Work on a budget

        Our main problem, we've realized, is that we eat out way too much. We really hate the envelope system. Even though it works. So we're just going to make one envelope for "fun" each month. I think this will cut our spending a lot.

     5. Get Peanut on a schedule.

        Peanut slept though the night last weekend like a champ! He's not doing too poorly this week, but there's still some work to be done.

And now for the yearly goals...

1. Pay off half my student loan debt

      In case you don't understand what I'm doing there, that's $334.39 paid out of the $10,773.16 that I want to put into loan debt this year. We're starting to get held up by some medical bills that have finally started coming in, but we always end up making a little extra here and there throughout the year. Especially the summertime. I'm not worried yet. After August, I'll be worried.

2. Read 100 books
    Still feeling good about this. I'm reading some really great stuff. And I want to try to make it a point to read the Bible through in the first half of every year, so I'm really working hard on that first.

3.  Make the Monte Carlo last through 2012

      1/12 (months)
      You can do it, baby!

4. Have a full time job in my area of expertise
      Still working on it, but lessons are starting to roll along really smoothly. Five students so far and the recommendations keep coming in!

5. Return to pre-baby weight

    -3/19 (lbs.)
    I was doing really awful at this. I actually gained 6 pounds until I finally put a stop to the binging. I have lost 3 pounds this week (I am pretty sure a lot of it was water weight from so much soda)

6. Run three 5ks

    I am signed on to be on a relay team in November, though! I'm trying to eat healthy to get some of this baby weight off and loose the cold so that starting back with running won't feel so atrocious.

7. Go on vacation

     I haven't done a darn thing with this yet.

8. Read my Bible daily

     I am totally enjoying this goal.

9. Have $10,000 in savings

    I don't want to go into detail about how much money we have. Suffice it to say that... we're ending this month with less than we came in. Once again, though, maternity leave is kind of hurting our bank account. I will, once again, be worried in August.

10. Keep up with my house
      I feel good about this one so far. Our bedroom is still a wreck, but it hasn't stunk so far this year. So that's a definite plus.

11. Write to Yanci once a month

      I've also received a letter back from her! I love that girl! She is so sweet!

12. Cook more
      I've definitely cooked more. Unfortunately, that means that I've cooked about 4 times this month. February will be better.

And, if you're lucky enough to still be reading my goals...

Goals for this week.

1. Read 2 books.
    Any books at all. I will still read my Bible daily, but I really need to put some titles up there.

2. Prepare well for my lessons this week
    I do prepare, but sometimes it's less than I would like. I want to be viewed as a professional.

3. Loose those 3 pounds 
   I would like to get back to the 19 pounds that I need to loose for this year. Then I will start being more reasonable with my weight loss goals.

4. Write Yanci
    Have I mentioned how much I love that girl?

5. Clean the bedroom
   How hard can this be, right? ... Right? 

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