Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Waste Your Life

    It's amazing what getting up at 6 AM in the morning will help you accomplish.

    Since getting up I have fed a baby twice, picked up the entire house, done two loads of laundry, read my Bible, finished a book, and begun to read my 200 pages for the day. I didn't get a book read yesterday, so I'd like to try to catch up on that somehow, but I'm trying to accomplish other, more important things right now. Like blogging. And calling my grandma.

     I read "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper. In all honesty, this is my second time reading it, but I love John Piper and I had made it an unstated goal for 2012 to read all his books. There are a lot more than I thought (54, and most of them at least 200 to 400 pages long), so I probably won't do them all this year, but eventually I will read through them all. He's such a smart individual and he writes so candidly and authentically. He makes me feel like an intellectual while, at the same time, assuring me that although I am not as smart as he, I can put all of these points into practice.

    This is a great, great, great book and I highly recommend it. I seldom consciously make Jesus my primary focus and his glory my primary goal. Usually I just try to live well and decide that if anyone asks me, I will give Him the glory. The problem with that idea is that people rarely ask me. This book has turned that idea on its head.

    In other news, I turned 25 on Sunday. I know that I should probably change the title of the blog, but I think I'll leave it. It is simply a reminder of where I've come from... where it all began.

    In other other news, I go back to work tomorrow. I have some mixed feelings about it. I will definitely be glad for the paycheck, and I'm excited to begin the budget blitz and really start to pay off this debt. I'm sure that we'll get all the medical bills paid off and probably my old school bill. That will leave us with the three actual loans to get rid of. In all honesty, I wish I would have started this sooner so that we could get them paid off before we had to start paying on Jordan's, but I doubt that that is possible. Who knows, though? I realized that in an average month we spend approximately $800 on eating out. So if we cut out even half of that? Those loans are going to go down so fast we won't know where they went. Right?

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