Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Financial Peace + Marriage

I am still reading "The Total Money Makeover," but can I just say that the whole thing gives me a headache? Not because what he suggests is impossible, but because I'm a "get it done now" person and any process with money is so gradual. After getting to the chapters about saving for retirement and for college, I was ready to sell everything in our house to get the emergency fund and the debt snowball rolling. If I were single, I probably would.

Marriage adds a lot to life, not the least of which is a certain amount of complication. There is so much conversation that needs to happen about money and I am a little ashamed to say that I avoid that talk like the plague. Talking about money stresses Jordan and I out to the max. It's one of the many reasons that I feel that we need to get out of debt yesterday.

But it's just impossible to attack debt with the kind of intensity it needs without talking about finances. Because we need to know where every penny of our money is going. Every cent needs to be funneled into a credit card or medical bill or student loan. Scary stuff.

If there's anything I can plant into young people's minds, it's this:  Don't go into debt. There it is. And when I say debt, I mean any kind of debt. Pay school as you go. Don't even apply for credit cards. Drive junker cars until you can buy a newer one with cash. Don't even go into debt over a house if you can help it. Save save save save. I wish that I had read this book and took it to heart a lot sooner. Reading this book has reminded me that we're not as bad off as many others are (the stories of debt are crazy!), but we're not as fit as we could be either.

Sorry that I'm stuck on this subject, but it's weighing heavily on my mind. It might be because I've realized the hard road ahead of us and it also might be because we've started the envelope system this month and our envelopes are empty. The bills are paid, and now there is just no wiggle room. Maybe next month. God always gives us exactly what we need.

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