Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Goals and Yearly Goals Update

1. Register for Heart for Africa 5k

    I didn't do this, honestly because I am afraid of the money at the moment. I thought about it, I had opportunity, but I am going to wait until I get paid.

2. Revamp my Resume

    Done. Done so hard and so well. I hope it works!

3. Read Hosea, Galatians, and the Psalms

    I got this done the day after I posted it. I felt so proud.

4. Write Yanci

    I did this on Tuesday. I am finding that the more I write to her, the easier it is to find things to talk about. It's also easier to talk about the baby and what he's doing. I just hope that she thinks that it is interesting.

5. Make $50 in commission
    This did not happen. Because I quit my job hard. In a rather unpleasant way that I don't think I should go into on the blog. But I'm excited to begin this new part of my life.

This week:

1. Complete my to do list on my phone

    I have a list that I add to whenever I think of something that I really need to get done. Most of them are long term items, but some are daily things that I take off and then add right back on the next morning. I would like to knock out all of the long term items so that I can stop feeling like there's a million huge projects hanging over my head.

2. Read 7 books

    I might pick tiny books to read, but I want to get some books on the board.

3. Take the cars to the shop

    Both of our vehicles have the check engine light on. They have for at least a month. It's making me nervous.

4. Get below 150

    At this point, if I thought it worked, I would just stop eating to get to 150. I know it doesn't actually work and is borderline disorder talk. I have only healthy food in my home right now (with the exception of some candy dishes- but I'm not a big candy eater). It's going to be green monsters, bananas, salads, and chicken breasts this week, along with trying to exercise every day.

5. Spend 20 concentrated hours in starting my new business

    I plan on trying to keep a timecard at least for a while to make sure that I'm not just enjoying time with my baby so much that I don't get to work on what I should be doing- making a living of some sort.

12 Goals for 2012 Update

1. Pay off half my student loan debt


2. Read 100 books

    (I think this is where I will concentrate the hardest during March)

3. Make the Monte Carlo last through 2012


4. Have a full time job in my area of expertise

    I was able to quit my full time job to work on this more extensively. I am not so cautiously optimistic.

5. Return to pre-baby weight

    3/19 lbs. lost
    Yeah, baby! It's about time!

6. Run 3 5ks

   I am on the couch to 5k program week 2 this week. I love to run, but finding the time to do so is becoming a real challenge!

7. Go on vacation

    I have a few things in the works. I am more concerned with paying off loans at the current time.

8. Read my Bible daily

    62/65 days
    Ugh. I hate that I've already missed some days here. I was so exhausted and just fell into bed without reading. The good news is that it's become so engrained in me that I realized immediately upon waking up what I had done. That is the real goal, when it's all said and done.

9. Have $10,000 in savings

    We have a little more this month than last month. I think that now that I don't have a full time job, we will probably pour more into savings than loans and then assess what we can put toward loans at the end of the year.

10. Keep up with my house

    It is a little dirtier this month than last month, but I have not yet felt overwhelmed. I'm going on a cleaning blitz sometime this month.

11. Write to Yanci once a month


12. Cook more

    I can't believe that I can confidently say that I am doing this, but I totally am. It's been great for our pocketbooks.

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