Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Slow Start to the Day?

Compared to yesterday, I feel as though I have done nothing. Or at least mostly nothing. But I don't really think that that is true. Just because I am doing things that I enjoy doesn't make them less beneficial. I will have to get past the idea that when I enjoy something then it is simply recreation. That is not true at all.

Actually, as I look at my list of goals for this week, I'm realizing that I have done a few great things so far. When I got on the scale this morning I was at 151, so I only have 2 pounds to go to get me under 150! I had a Green Monster this morning and I am starting to burst with a different kind of energy than I'm used to feeling. I'm also drinking green tea to try to detox a little. I am eating popcorn, which isn't awesome, but I was craving a snack and at least I'm not eating ding dongs.
Green Monster and Piano Practicing

I've spent a lot of the day trying to get iCloud to work. I think I've finally got it, and now I'm downloading music that I bought on my iPhone and now need to get to one of my students. I was on my computer and enjoying it, so I suppose that I thought that I was wasting time, but then I realize: this isn't a hobby anymore! This is my lively hood. I practiced the piano too, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. God forbid I enjoy my work! This is a mentality that is hard for me to break, since I've never really enjoyed any work that I've done.

I finished a couple of pretty big items on my iPhone to do list yesterday and I suppose I'm just finding this to be a little too slow going for me. I haven't gotten to mark anything off and that's hard for me. I love to get through one thing after another really quickly and it just isn't going to happen anymore with a baby. But it's so worth it.
He says, "Hi"

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