Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Goals-- No updates today

This was one of those weeks that I think I set my goals a little too high. I completed some of all of these goals, but I don't think I completely accomplished any of them. I loved trying to get my to do list on my phone done, though. I got A LOT of things done last week, so I'm not disappointed in myself in the least.

This week I think I will concentrate on two goals: Reading and Fitness

1. Read 20 books this week

I know, I couldn't even read 7 books last week, but that was also while completing about 7 large to do items on my iPhone. Seriously. I probably poured about 10-15 hours into that to do list. I will do this.

2. Run every day

I am still doing the couch to 5k plan, but the fact that I only have to do it 3 days per week just makes me lazy until Thursday when I realize that I have to do it that day. If I try to make myself run every single day, then I won't be able to put it off.

3. Begin Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred

I have loved Jillian ever since watching The Biggest Loser while I was on maternity leave. She is exactly the kind of person that I need pushing me. I don't want to miss a day with this- I want to be a strong person. Right now I have mom arms.

4. Drink 100 oz of water EVERY DAY

I know that I can do this, it's just a matter of wanting to do it every day. I'm bad about wanting flavor in everything I drink. I want to break the idea that food and drink are for enjoyment- I want to think about them being fuel instead.

5. Drop 3 pounds

If I can drop 3 pounds then I will be at 148. I want to be in the 140's so bad, and I know that a majority of my weight comes from soda and sugary drinks- which I probably won't drink as much because of the 100 oz of water. I also plan on eating a plant-centric diet this week (with some chicken and eggs thrown in for protein and to keep me from being crazy). I will have one cheat day that I have not yet decided upon. I might wait to see how this week goes and what day someone ends up wanting to take Jordan and I out or what day we just can't stand it anymore.

I like these goals because they are daily goals- I cannot put them off until Sunday when I want to look cool on my blog the next day.

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