Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby Fever

I don't understand it, but I've totally got baby fever.

I have a few theories on this, the most prevalent of which happens to be that I did not enjoy my pregnancy at all. Somewhat because I was so totally uncomfortable, but also because I was so terrified of the unknown. I would like a go again.

I had all but squelched these feelings (because, come on, how crazy can I be?), until I came across some pregnancy photos.

Pregnant people are so cute! Albeit, uncomfortable.

I miss the feeling of a little person squirming around inside me. Sometimes I'll watch Noah and he'll do something and I'll remember what it felt like when he was doing that 3 months ago.

Is this some kind of hormonal thing? Because if not, I need some help here!

Nobody jump on this. I have applied for insurance that will make me wait at least 18 months before getting pregnant. Which is probably a good thing. Because my mommy clock is ticking.


  1. For some reason baby fever never goes completely away. Even when you have THREE boys and know there's no way you want anymore any time soon!! :)

  2. It's so crazy! I don't need another baby!