Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Monday" Goals and Updates

I fell behind yesterday on blogging. I was so busy. I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, and they all need tending to immediately.

1. Read 20 books this week

I read 5 books. But I finished the Bible. And I had 17 books of the Bible left to finish. I consider this goal completed. If the books in the Bible would have been short, I would have said I failed, but they were all at least 20 chapters long. I would say that I technically read 21 books, but maybe that's too much cheating. :)

2. Run every day

I ran 3 days. It rained all the other days and I have no treadmill.

3. Begin Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred

Done and done. I only did it for 4 days last week, but I can feel myself getting stronger. I love Jillian. She is just about the only trainer that could get this kind of work out of me with a video.

4. Drink 100 oz of water EVERY DAY

I knew that I could do this, but I can't. I can drink 100 oz of water at the beginning of the week, but the very next day I still feel like I'm swimming. I think that my body just doesn't need that much water. I'm going to stick to 6-8 glasses of water a day. I know I can do that. In fact, I did it every day last week. Even though I didn't accomplish this goal, I consider it a success because of the life change it is beginning in me.

5. Drop 3 pounds

I dropped one pound. That's ok. I technically went up to 154 on Monday (which is so weird) and then dropped down to 150 and basically have stayed there. I believe I will dip down below that in the next week or two.

New goals:

1. Read 20 books

Now that I'm done with the Bible, I'm sure that I can do this. I'm reading some young adult books from my childhood. They're about 130 pages long apiece, and take me about an hour and a half to read. I'm not ashamed to say they are incredibly simple and I still love them. It's fun to revisit my childhood while reading them. I'm sure I'll throw in a couple of other books too. I really just want to finish this yearly goal a little early. I would love to mark something off of my goals for this year to feel like I'm making headway.

2. Take cars to the shop

This has to be done this week. We have been driving our cars with the check engine light on for too long. Neither one of them are going to last until the end of the year.

3. Begin the envelope system

This is going to be hard for Jordan and I. We love our debit cards with an unholy passion, but we have got to start spending less money! Because I don't have a full time job, money is going to begin to get tight around here until I start having a regular income from the theater or get a few more private students.

4. Get my house in order

I'm starting to feel like I'm slacking on my resolution to keep my house clean. I haven't felt completely overwhelmed yet, but I will get there soon if I don't step up to the plate a little better.

5. Complete my iPhone to do list

It's pretty short compared to the last time I made this goal. Also, many of the items are very small. It's a lofty goal considering all of the other things I must get done this week that aren't on this list OR that list. But if I don't put it up here for the world to see, then I probably won't even try.

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