Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend and Monday Goals

This weekend was actually really slow. It was so nice to just be at home with my husband and baby because starting tomorrow Jordan will be back at work. It's really so sad. I knew that it would happen at some point, but I was just really enjoying the little cocoon we had made at the house.
On the up and up, things are really starting to roll along nicely on the "work at home" front. My dad has offered to let me do secretarial work for him from home, I've secured some students, and I can still work at the clinic. I need to sit down and do some homework about how much I would end up making with these three things combined.
Since I am really pretty darn proud of myself for my goals, I can't wait to post them. So here we go.

  1. Read 3 books
         I didn't reach this, but let me defend myself. Last week I read seven New Testament books and I am almost done with a book called, "Thinking, Loving, Doing." I love the book and it seemed like it would be a quick read until I actually dove into it. It is written so academically and I didn't want to miss one thing that they were saying, so I decided to just take my sweet time and enjoy the book.

    2. Get my lessons rolling
        My first student starts a week from today. I have three confirmed students and four that I'm still waiting to hear back from. I have lesson plans planned, stickers bought, and an office fully set up and ready to go. We're getting a piano delivered today and a tuner coming in shortly after. I'm purposefully waiting to buy the books because I want to just buy them all at once. I'm hoping that the four other students come through for me!

    3. Do 100 fitness minutes

       Ok, this one I bombed hard. I was thinking about being nice to myself and awarding myself 30 minutes for walking around the mall, but let's be real. It doesn't count unless it's purposeful.

    4. Clean out the refrigerator and do the laundry

       Refrigerator? Clean. For real. I'm so excited

       Laundry? Halfway done. I'm ok with that. Jordan and I both did some this past week. Chances are the laundry will always only be half done. I think I'm going to consider this a victory.

    5. Finish "Lost"

       Oh man. Done and done. It was fun. And still disappointing at the end. Even if Jordan does like it.

And now on to the new goals for this week!

  1. Re-read the Harry Potter Series
       I don't think that this goal is too hefty. Considering that the first time I started reading them I got through five books in three days. The books are simple- super easy to read quickly- even if they are long. Plus I just love them. And I've been wanting to read them for a whole year, but I was trying not to re-read anything last year. I still need to finish "Thinking, Loving, Doing," but I'm almost through with it, so I should be done today.

    2.  100 Fitness Minutes

       Let's try this again.

    3. Clean our room and bathroom

       If you saw our master bed and bath, you would know why it deserves its own goal. It's going to take a good 2 to 3 hours to get those clean. It's just gone by the wayside this maternity leave.

    4. Cook 3 times.

       I leave on Friday to go see my sister in the Miss Illinois Fair Queen pageant. So this needs to take place over the next few days. We went to the grocery store the other day, so I have everything I need. Except the will.

    5. Register for a 5k/begin making plans to return to running

       I shouldn't start running until I'm cleared by my doctor on January 30, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't start making my plans. I want to actually RUN my three 5ks this year, not run/walk them, so a certain amount of planning is in order, I think.

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