Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Goals and Updates

I’m going to try out posting five goals per week on Mondays that all have something to do with my 2012 goals. If I don’t, I know that I will surely forget that one of them exists. I know, I know, my track record for completing goals is… poor. But maybe by only posting five it will be a little easier.

1.     Read 3 books
I’ve already made headway into one book and I’m hoping to finish it today at some point. I need to read about two books a week to accomplish this goal and, per usual, I am a little behind. On the other hand, I have been reading my Bible every single day and will, more than likely, read through it again this year. I’ve already read about 6 books in the New Testament. So… don’t judge me.
2.     Get my lessons rolling
I have three students already. I would love to have five to ten by the time I start next week (I would actually love to have forty and quit my job, but that’s really not realistic, is it?). I also need to get my books and make some plans for my first lessons. Never done this before, but I’m really looking forward to it. I also need to put my office together. It's a hot mess.
3.     Do 100 fitness minutes
This is not a very lofty goal for most people, but since I haven’t done anything since delivery, I’m really not sure how much my body can handle right now. I think I’ll break out my WiiFit at some point this week and do some light Yoga or balance exercises. I read somewhere that I can start doing so crunches too. I might walk, but it will be inside somewhere. The mall or on the in laws treadmill or up and down my stairs.
4.     Clean out the refrigerator and do the laundry
My fridge is flat out nasty. There are leftovers in there from before the Peanut arrived. 
Also, I hate doing the laundry. But the Peanut is out of sleepers (again) and Jordan and I are running out of clothes that don’t have pee or puke on them.
5.     Finish “Lost”
We have been working on “Lost” for over a year now. And being parents is hard. We need to finish this and treat ourselves. 
As far as what I have done to accomplish my other goals? We have only driven my Monte Carlo once so far this year, I have already written Yanci this month, and I have paid all my loan payments on time this month. I will be making a payment on Mobap later today too. It's going to be a good year.

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