Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One of the Guys

Today was just one of those perfect days when you look around and say to yourself, "I am so overwhelmingly blessed."

Jordan and I have made it a point to become good friends with a few of the "kids(?)" from our town. By kids, I really mean 19 year-olds who are freshmen in college. At first we really believed that this would be our ministry to them. I suppose it has been to a certain extent, but I'm realizing more and more that they are ministering to us more than we could ever minister to them.

These guys helped us move last June when all we could offer them was a free meal. Kurt has assisted my husband with numerous fix-it jobs around our house. Tyler helped Jordan pack and drive to the hospital when I was getting induced. They have been a major blessing in our lives.

Tonight the boys came over just to visit and chill with us. Jordan had pre-ordered the new David Crowder CD and we had it playing while Tyler helped Jordan construct the new playpen. Noah started whining from the boppy pillow on the floor. Kurt immediately went to hold him.

Can I just say how great it is that I get to be a part of teaching these guys how to hold babies? It's so cool.

Eventually the playpen was built and we were all just lounging around in the living room listening to familiar hymns revamped by David. I looked over and watched Kurt singing to Noah. It was precious and touching.

It's so wonderful that Noah gets to grow up surrounded by men of God who love him and who want to see him grow into a strong Christian as well. It's a rare occurrence that young men would want to devote their time to a baby... and even pledge that they were going to be a major part of his life.

My kid? He can't lose. He just can't lose.

Just one of the guys

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