Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Friends and Photobooth Fun

****Goals edit****
At some point during the last couple of moves, I lost my second Harry Potter book. I can't really justify buying another copy before I start getting paid again, so new goal is simply to read seven books this week to replace the series.


Sunday we had several people over to our house and ended up in a little bit of an impromptu party.  Afterwards, a Tyler and Samm stayed later to watch Rush Hour 3 with my husband and I (I promptly fell asleep once the movie began). Samm usually stays in our guest room when she comes down from St. Louis to see Tyler, and since it was so late when the movie ended, Tyler just slept on our couch that night.

I got up Monday morning at about 9. Since it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, no one in the house had school or work. I moved around the kitchen making my coffee as silently as I could and then fixed a bottle for Noah and headed for my office. Jordan joined me a little bit later and we quietly talked and slowly and calmly welcomed the day. I was absolutely loving my full house. It's a strange thing, realizing that my house had never had so many people sleeping in it at once and that it made me ridiculously happy.

I think that a few more children will be in our future. Not the near future. But the future nonetheless. 

And now I leave you with Noah and I's first adventures in photobooth. Enjoy.

I think that this is when Noah started to get embarrassed of me

This is when I try to garner some support for the "Noah looks like Kasey" club. It didn't really work.

One of my favorite pictures of the two of us so far. He looks thrilled that this will be on the internet for all time.


I read this blog every day without fail. I love her stories and her seemingly unwavering optimism. I wanted to take this time to shamelessly plug it and tell you to go there now and read it. And then donate to Nella's 2for2 fund to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. They are an incredible family. I want them to meet their goal. $200,000 baby! You can do it!

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