Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why on a Motherhood Blog?

I have been asking myself this question a lot. In fact, I have been wondering if it might be better to create a new blog for this "challenge." But I decided against that for a few reasons.
  • When I became a mom, I felt like I had lost my ability to dream big for anyone besides my children. This ridiculous feeling is one that I really believe is universal, based on my experiences with well-meaning people telling me that my life was not my own anymore and that I wouldn't be Kasey anymore, but instead "Noah's mom." I hated those well-intentioned comments. But now I realize that, as a Christian, my life was never my own. I was bought with a price. My dreams should be God's glory, whether that means with my children or with my own life.
  • Moms need purpose outside their children. I know, I can hear the negative outcry now. Hear me out, though. Your kids? They're going to grow up and move away. They're going to disappoint you at some point. And, most importantly, their lives don't revolve around you. I think that if our only purpose is raising our children we start to have some really unrealistic expectations for them. 
  • My readership extends beyond moms. Yes, this blog is a mom-blog. But many of my readers are still single or just got married or are planning for kids or anywhere in between those things. It's really turned into a blog for women. And I really believe that women are catalysts for change in the world. We can see need where others can't and have the kind of empathy that says, "Something has to be done here." In fact, many of the charitable organizations I'm going to feature were begun by women. And I totally didn't realize it until just now.
So there you have it. I wish I could write more, but my word, I have had one needy baby the past couple of days.

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