Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap- Madrigal Feaste and Feed My Starving Children

What a crazy and busy weekend. It was so great, though. I'm really enjoying maternity leave, although I have to say that it's ending up being more like a vacation because The Peanut still hasn't arrived on the scene.

I did want to show off some pictures from the high school's Madrigal Feaste. It was a blast. Here's some rehearsal photos:

Friday night I got to see the lovely production.  But I would say the highlight of the evening was the shout out to The Peanut. It might be a little hard to understand, but it's the thought that counts. :)

That's the Husband, way back in the background of the picture. He's directing the handbell choir

These were our table wenches, the "Holey, Moley Sisters. They were afraid of my camera.

It's really dark, but that's a good friend of ours in the stockades for "pinching the wenches"

Saturday morning we headed to the park center to take part in Feed My Starving Children. If you don't know what this organization is, you really should check it out. It's an awesome organization, with 93% of all proceeds going directly to feed children around the world. It only costs 24 cents per meal, which is really pretty phenomenal. The goal for our (very small) region was to pay for and pack 600,000 meals this weekend.  632,016 meals ended up being packed, which is so awesome. That means that 1,732 children will get to eat for a whole year because of our small community. I definitely challenge you to do it if it's offered in your community, and to give to it if it's not. It's so rewarding.


Don't let those smiles fool you

These guys mean business

The packing stations

Hearing the numbers so far and learning about some awesome kids that get to eat now because of us!

Husband and I rocking our hairnets for Jesus!

It was a great weekend, rounded out by a trip to see my dad for his birthday and hearing a friend of ours play at a concert in town. Way too busy to update, but I think that this long long long long post definitely made up for lost time.

In other news, I really need a nice camera so that I can stop torturing all of you with the point and shoot. Gross pictures.

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