Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Book Review

You know, this blog basically started as a reading blog. And I failed a little lot with that. I kind of hope to remedy that to a certain extent, even though the blog has now taken a new (and really, better) direction. I really hate to not finish what I started, even though I have miserably missed my deadline of one year to read 100 books. Besides, I really believe that moms still need to set expectations of themselves that have nothing to do with baby. I want The Peanut to know that his mom can accomplish big tasks. And this is really just a place to start.

This past week I finally finished "Baby Wise." It was recommended to us by approximately 800,000 people. The subtitle is "Giving your baby the gift of night time sleep." I'm already wary, since I've been oh so politely told by many women that my days of sleeping are forever gone. Why does everyone like to pass their misery on to the next pregnant woman. Maybe I will sleep! You don't know!


The book really is great, though. It's a step by step guide through feeding and sleeping times. It gives you approximate baby weights by age and how many times in a day your baby should poo (which is something every pregnant woman should know). Not only this, but there are CHARTS in the back of the book for you to keep track of how many times your baby has poo'd! It's like a miracle in paperback.

I would definitely suggest that if you read this book you answer the "review" questions at the end of each chapter. I didn't, because I thought, "How hard could it be to just find the chapter that it's in and look it up?" Well, considering that the chapters overlap (the way that, really, good self-help book chapters should) it could be a major pain.

I would also suggest that you read the next to last chapter "Parenting Potpourri" at a time in your pregnancy when you are not feeling particularly vulnerable. There was a section on SIDS in that chapter, and I almost had a meltdown.

**Husband and I are sitting in the family room reading together quietly**

Me: **random outburst** OUR BABY IS GOING TO DIE!!!
Husband: **slowly looks up from book**
Me: I mean it. I can't remember to do all this stuff!
Husband: What?
Me: EVERYTHING causes SIDS! Everything!! I can't leave a bottle with him in his crib? How am I ever going to remember that? What if I lay him on his back, but he rolls over anyway? He'll suffocate in his Snoopy comforter!
Husband: **pats me on the leg, slowly turns back to book**
Me: **weeps in corner of couch**

Overall, though, reading it WAS a pretty enjoyable experience, although I think I already ascribed to that view point anyway. It's always good to feel reaffirmed, though.


  1. Babywise is a good one. I found it very helpful. And yes, SIDS is truly one of the scariest things to worry about when they're babies.

  2. Especially since EVERYTHING causes it, and yet they really aren't sure what causes it.
    I liked how Babywise basically read like a text book. Makes it a LITTLE easier to go back and find things.