Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Goals and Updates

I had a full weekend of reading to try to catch up. Ideally, I would get back to only having to read one book every two or three days, but time is running so short that I'm not sure that will be attainable.

I know what anyone reading this must be thinking. It seems worthless to read 100 books if you're just going to skim over them. But what has been really useful through all of this is the fact that I have been introduced now to several great authors that I would not have read otherwise. And, of course, there will be the feeling of accomplishment when November 14 rolls around and I have read all the books on my list.

I am a little lot sad that my weekend is over and I don't seem to have another one cleared off for the kind of reading I did this weekend (I finished approximately 2.5 books a day), but because of this weekend, the minimum is now at 1.14 books per day. That is so attainable I could just cry. :)

This Week's Goals
  1. Read 10 books. The goal I really wanted to make was to get to the halfway point this week, but I am tired of setting goals that are just flat unattainable for me, even if they do sound really awesome. I think that 10 books is doable and is just about the minimum if I want to get this finished.
  2. Set a budget with my husband. We are both getting our paychecks this week and I cannot think of a better time for setting down some goals and guidelines for ourselves in the upcoming months.
  3. Complete my office. My office is the last thing to be unpacked from moving all the way back in May. This needs to be done, and now I've told the world about it, so I better get moving on it!
  4. Finish my baby blanket. Noah's little blanket is coming along really nicely, and I don't think it will take more than a couple of hours to finish it up. As soon as I can find my cord, pictures will be uploaded!
I hope I can complete all of this. It does seem like a lot, but I think with some spousal support, we should be able to knock out 2 and 3 pretty quickly. :)

What are your goals for this week? Do you tend to set your goals high, even to the point of being unattainable?
Days left: 56
Books to read: 64

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