Friday, November 4, 2011

Revamp for a New Life

There is no way I will finish reading by November 14.

And I've decided that that is ok.

In one year I have read the Bible, a Jane Austen novel, Shakespeare, and a wealth of devotionals and just flat out interesting books. I am not ashamed.

I will keep reading and I will keep the list up so that when I finish one hundred books I know it. I'm really just proud of what I have done in any case. Daily life has just taken over all my spare time. Once again, that's ok and even awesome. I started this list because I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something in a year. I did without reading all 100 books.

We are only 52 days away from a new baby and I have decided that that is 52 days to start a new life where a baby will feel like it's being raised by grown ups. I want Noah to see that his mom knows where she is headed and how she will go about accomplishing it. I'm done picking up arbitrary things to complete myself or make people pat me on the back. From now on, this blog is all about honesty. How I succeeded, how I failed. It's going to be real. And, from there, hopefully I will develop some sort of theme that could get some readership. But if I don't, that's ok too.

Something I did want to share with anyone still reading (if you're not, I totally don't blame you), is a website I've stumbled upon that's really helped me reevaluate what is important and what all I can get done during the day. It's It takes average everyday things that we sometimes put off and assigns point values to them. Every 30 days you can redeem your points for gift cards ranging from $10 at Starbucks to $50 at American Airlines. I am more than determined to pay for me, Noah, and Jordan to fly to Virginia for Jordan's graduation from Liberty University. The next step will be using it to buy Christmas presents for family! Check it out. Even if you don't use it as religiously as I do (I get a little bit obsessive), it would be worth it to every once in a while reach 5,000 points and be able to grab a coffee with a friend (and pay for their coffee!) or buy an album from iTunes.

I think that's it for me today. I have many planned feats today that I want to make sure I accomplish! Love those points!

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