Saturday, September 10, 2011

A New Era

Wednesday I spent $240 at Wal Mart on groceries.

Before everyone thinks I am a crazy, our fridge was completely empty AND I have decided it's time to turn over a new leaf. I have been reading healthy living blogs for months (check out,, and These blogs have been fabulous inspiration for me and have started to make me realize the unhealthy way I have been running my kitchen. We eat out way way way too much and every single thing that we own is processed beyond reason. So our kitchen is undergoing a makeover.

Cassie at Back to Her Roots suggested arranging my fridge by food group. So that's what I did. Angela has started a movement with her green monsters (, so I mixed up my very first one this morning.
Not too sure about it...

It kind of looks like kryptonite.
And! I drank it!
Here we go

Down the hatch!
And I loved it! Nobody was more surprised or grossed out than my husband.

Courtney at Just Like Jello is a pretty avid runner. Guess what I'll be doing after this baby makes his grand appearance? Maybe we'll just go together. I don't suppose anybody wants to get me one of these: 
The days of unhealthy living and wondering why I can't loose weight? Gone. The days of feeling tired for no good reason? Also gone. This is a new leaf and I think it's going to stick.

PS Sorry for all of the terribly crappy pictures. I have a (cheap) camera, but I can't find the cord to upload pictures at the moment. So you're stuck with the pictures I take with my Macbook.

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