Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday To Accomplish List

In case anyone was wondering how far along I am, I actually updated my reading list. 81 books to go. I'm afraid to count the days tonight. So I won't.

I'm going to start a tradition on Sunday nights of posting my "To Accomplish" list. Hopefully it will keep me a little more in check as the week goes on. Usually I try to put down about twenty items and I never ever finish it. Let's go with ten really rather large projects.

  1. Finish "The Wednesday Sisters" (I'm so close!)
  2. Finish crocheting this baby blanket (that is NOT for me!)
  3. Deep clean my house
  4. Go grocery shopping
  5. Do all the laundry
  6. Raise the remaining $1400 to get us to Joseph!
  7. Get to the bank and sign some paperwork
  8. Read "Holy Discontent"
  9. Finish "It" (which, by the way, is a lot long than I thought it would be!)
  10. Run. A lot.
I think I will be running my very first 5k on April 30th. And by run I actually mean run for a while and then walk. I think I'm going to set my goal time pretty high at 45 minutes. I got through 2 miles on my first run out of the year in 36 minutes exactly. I think that this is attainable and I don't want to be discouraged on my very first 5k. I kind of wonder how much adrenaline will kick in and if I'll be able to run a lot longer than usual. We'll see.

Just found out what our tax return will be. Very exciting.

Also closing in on our closing date for our brand new house. So much excitement!

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