Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So tired... must blog...

Hooray! $350 towards Acting Out! It's been a good week.

Regular work has been really crazy lately. Two ten hour days in I'm more than a little tired, but feeling alot better that the two inch stack of papers to be filed has diminished to 5 pages. Of course, I still have a full this:

Along with six crammed full manila folders of overflow from above box. It is absolutely insane. That's ok, though. Because I'm going to totally knock that box out next week.

Tomorrow is our Pampered Chef Spring Launch in St. Charles. I'm so excited. But I'm NOT excited about leaving by 5:30 in the morning. Yuck yuck yuck. 

I finished Leviticus yesterday. I better work on diving in to Numbers tonight before I go to sleep. I promised myself that I would read five chapters before I went to bed.

I promise that one day this blog will be much more interesting than just a bunch of lists.

Books to read: 89
Day: 86

Points to Europe: 127,562
Days left: 317

Budget for Joseph: $9,620
Days left:72

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