Thursday, February 24, 2011

24 is a good age to be

     Aside from the fact that I numerically appear to be a year older than my husband, I have become fairly certain that 24 is the age of magic and new exciting events.

     Really, the day before I turned 24 was when it basically started. Jordan took me out to this gorgeous little pan Asian restaurant in Cape. I love Asian food, but I have never been a sushi girl. Until this restaurant. Holy guacamole, Batman! It was awesome. I'm basically obsessed with that restaurant now. It's called Saffron and if you live in the southeast Missouri area you have to go to it.

     The day of my birthday? Basically the normal kind of birthday for me. We went to my home town, had cake, partied with the fam. It was a lot of fun and, honestly, really lucrative. I got enough to justify the purchase of a Macbook pro.

     Sunday things really started getting crazy, though. I ate thousand island dressing on my salad because I had never tried it before. And I liked it. A lot.

     Last Wednesday I took the GRE for grad school. Another first. I scored 550 on Quantitative (which is a fancy way of saying "math that will blow you off of your chair it's so hard") and 580 on Verbal. They are decent scores. I am pleased, seeing as how I haven't taken a standardized test in eight years. I have to wait to see how the writing part fared. I will, of course, update you on this. Unless it's embarrassing, in which case I will not.

     Honest to goodness I cannot remember what I did this past weekend. This is because I had a pilonidal cyst removed from my tailbone, resulting in my inability to sit without heavy medication. That was Friday. It was especially awesome because Jordan had to get me Benadryl because the hydrocodone made my nose itch. And that, my friends, led to me sleeping from 8 P.M. until the next day at 1:30 P.M. with only minor wake-ups in between. Jordan did take me that evening to my very first Disciple Now event. I think it was cool, but I was still moving in slow motion a little bit.

     Sunday they announced that Jordan was being recommended by the search committee to become FCC's worship minister. Awesome.

     Tuesday I broke off the back half of my bottom front tooth while eating a very fiber-ful granola bar. Like, the entire back half. It didn't hurt, but I had to go to the dentist immediately to keep myself from touching it with my tongue so much. So I found a new dentist and that was, of course, delightful and only minorly damaging to my check book.

     Yesterday? Yesterday I finished the Bible. I read it in a month. It was awesome and wonderful and sometime I should blog about my experience with it. I would recommend reading through the Bible cover to cover to anyone. It doesn't have to be in a month. Just the continuity of it is staggering.

     I will work on getting the list updated and my countdowns corrected. Right now, my throat is feeling sad and sore and I believe I will have some spiced tea and listen to it pour down rain outside.

     It's good to be a grown up.

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