Friday, January 28, 2011

Success? Kind of.

Ah. The end of a week. Mostly.

Still have a Saturday morning at the office and a Pampered Chef show to go. Close enough.

I did most of the things I said I would do on Monday. There's only so much time in a day, really. But the week was really successful. Lisa Hoover-Grove signed on as a Pampered Chef consultant and she is so excited. She will be awesome. I also received an order from a generous person at the university to help send my other lovely consultant, Miss Jamie G'Sell, to Rome this spring. 

I am getting through my theater book. Feeling the intense need to get below ninety. Actually, I would really love to get below fifty... just so I didn't fret about it so much.

If you're wondering about the thirty dollars toward Joseph, my friend Sarah found it in a practice room. Bad news? Some music student is probably going hungry. Good news? The practice room made a tax-deductible donation and might get a refund.

Want to know something else? I am done with my portfolio! I just need to put it in the mail tomorrow! Please accept me, SIUC!

Books to read: 90
Day: 75

Points to Europe: 130,000
Days left: 328

Budget for Joseph: $9,970
Days left: 83

Days to complete portfolio and send in: 3

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